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Message From The Deputy Managing Director

Message From The Deputy Managing Director

The Managing Director of Rani Re-rolling Mills Ltd.

“I personally believe, TRUST is more important than anything in today’s market. Wherever RRM operates, we make sure to conduct our business in a mannerly way reflecting our company’s policy and ethics. We have been serving as a trusted infrastructure partner of Bangladesh for the past 3 decades. Throughout our business journey we have successfully stablished our organization’s high reputation. Thanks to the Founder Chairman of RRM Steel (Late Al-Haj Abul Bashar), my father who began the journey of this business while having an enormous vision for this company. Through his principles and skills, we were able to come this far.

Our organization always strive to go for efficiency. Whether it’s our product, factory, customers or any other vital area. Thus, we care more about the ones that are connected with our business.

The complexity of business in a monopolistic competition market is to provide better to our end users than our competitors. As year by year the market keeps getting saturated, it becomes more challenging for us. And that makes us push ourselves even more to discover our maximum skills. Moreover, we love creating opportunities for customers, business partners, employees and anyone related to our business because this builds a strong and long lasting relationship of GIVE&TAKE.

Ever since I have joined this business (2015), I’ve taught myself to bring out the best in me. While maintaining the principle and ethics of this company, I have contributed my maximum output for the betterment of this company, which certainly has given a good result to our organization. Despite, our business facing lot of obstacles and road blocks, I was able to conclude to every problem which tried to hold the company backwards. Just like I mentioned above, I do not like to play with other people’s TRUST. And that’s one of my own principles that have got me this far. Through my business journey, I’ve seen ups and down. Learned a lot about people and my surroundings, internally and externally that were unfavorable for this organization. This experience of mine taught me a lot about business life, which I can say is worth millions. I am truly happy and proud of how much this company has achieved and makes me even more proud that it has numerous of my contributions.

Lastly, I would like to thank my brother (Sumon Chowdhury) Chairman of RRM Steel for believing in me and giving me the chance to prove myself. His sacrifices and hard work held up the company in the absence of our father. I admire his dynamic and innovative skills. Moreover, I would also like to thank some of my fellow members of RRM Family, business partners and customers for maintaining a powerful and healthy environment for the welfare of this reputed and esteemed organization.

Shuvo Chowdhury (Deputy Managing Director at The Rani Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.)